Fifth Anniversary Planning

Since 2014, the Greenville Partnership for Philanthropy has convened local funders at least every other month to learn more about best practices in the field of grantmaking and social impact as well as local nonprofits and initiatives, to collaborate on significant activities, and to get to know each other better.

This year, GPP celebrates its fifth anniversary.  On July 8th, GPP will pause to celebrate and reflect and to look ahead at what’s next.

GPP’s first five years have been supported by a part-time contractual staff person in Katy Smith, a “governance team” of members (which acts as a board of directors for the partnership), a loose and fairly responsive annual work plan, and the fiscal agency of the Community Foundation of Greenville.  Interest in the work of GPP is strong, and participation in GPP programs is growing. The governance team members and contracted staff are leading the membership in taking a step back from the work to date to consider the larger context of philanthropy in the community and to imagine what GPP can and should be going forward.

Patrick Jinks of The Jinks Perspective will lead this direction-setting process.  Patrick’s engagement with GPP includes preparation meetings with staff and the governance team, facilitation of the July 8th meeting with all members, one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, surveys of GPP members and other key informants (such as nonprofits in the community), and a retreat to pull all of the data together and look to the future.

The product of this process, expected to be completed by the end of 2019, will not be a traditional strategic plan but rather a strategic direction that articulates what we hope to celebrate on our tenth anniversary.  So much has changed within GPP and in the community since 2014.  The Nonprofit Alliance is stronger and has a solid strategic plan.  The United Way of Greenville County has new leadership.  Individuals with wealth are interested in making impact investments.  Policy makers better understand the power of philanthropy.  How do these changes inform the role of GPP and the change we want to make in the world?

We hope you will participate in the process by responding to a survey when it comes your way and – if you’re a funder – joining us on July 8th for our meeting from 11 – 2.

We thank our members and community partners for all of the support in our work thus far.  Cheers to five great years!


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