CARES Act funding for nonprofits – Round Two

  Today, Greenville County announced a second round of funding for nonprofits in Greenville County.  Nicole Wood and Meredith Papapieris with Greenville County joined a special meeting of Greenville Partnership […]

Major Gifts

All nonprofits are interested in boosting their success in fundraising to bring more revenues in for the work that they do.  But not enough nonprofits strategize around truly transformational gifts […]

Annual Giving

Many local nonprofits indicate that they do not conduct an annual giving campaign or a concerted major gifts effort.  If they do work on annual giving, it usually takes the […]

Local Impact Investing

Private foundations are required to spend at least 5% of the average market value of their net investment assets on charitable purposes.  Foundations then invest the remaining 95% in ways that will maximize returns to enable them to award more grants in the years to come.

Capital Campaigns: Getting Ready to Get Ready

Our previous blog post on capital campaigns looked at the importance of volunteers and existing donors. This post looks at the critical preparation needed for success. Capital Planning Process The […]