Coalition Partners announce that VOTING MATTERS

Voting Matters

On Monday, June 3, 2024, Greater Good Greenville, the Greenville Chamber, and a coalition of 40 partners announced resources to help Greenville County and Upstate voters participate in the June 11th primary, reminding voters that this statewide primary may have more impact than the November election. Early voting is currently open for the primary, which includes races such as County Council, State House and Senate, Sheriff, and more.

Katy Smith, Executive Director of Greater Good Greenville, said, “Almost half of the seats up for election in Greenville County this year will be decided in the June 11th primary, but in our 2022 primary only 14% of voters showed up. If you don’t vote in the current primary, you will not have a choice for who represents you on County Council, as Sheriff, in the legislature, and in other seats because that choice is being made right now in the primary.” Smith shared that almost half of the seats up for grabs in Greenville County this year are contest only in the June primary, because only one party had candidates file to run. Practically speaking, those seats will be decided in June and voters will have no choice on the ballot in November. She continued, “Our Voting Matters coalition of 40 partners, including businesses, nonprofit organizations, and civic groups is focused on no party, no candidate, and no particular issue – we are simply focused on getting more of our neighbors to VOTE.”

Carlos Phillips, President and CEO of the Greenville Chamber, affirmed the goals of the campaign, saying, “

Despite high engagement in presidential elections, participation drops for local and midterm elections. We have found that there is a pressing need for education and clarification on voting processes, alongside addressing perceived voting barriers.” He further noted, “Young professionals represent a powerful yet underrepresented voice in our electoral process. With these young professionals increasingly seeking information on social media, there’s a unique opportunity to leverage these platforms for greater electoral participation.”

Phillips pointed to as a resource for all voters. It includes a candidate directory and general information on the primary. He further noted the VoteGVL account as a resource on social media. Also available is the Simple Civics: Greenville County podcast as a way to listen to interviews with most of the candidates in Greenville County primary races.

Charlie Hall, Executive Director of Upstate Warrior Solution, is one of the 40 partners in the Voting Matters coalition. Hall said, “Our mission at Upstate Warrior Solution is to connect warriors and their family members to resources and opportunities, lead them through a process of self-empowerment, and inspire the community to embrace local warriors as valued neighbors and friends. Connecting warriors with the know-how to participate in this primary election is completely aligned with that mission.” Hall is promoting primary voting among the veteran community and encouraging employees to vote with time off to do so.

As Smith noted, “So many people in South Carolina are concerned about topics like growth, education funding and policy, guns, abortion, roads, and public safety. These topics are addressed by our state house and senate members and our county councils, as well as our congresspeople. If you want to make a difference, the statewide primary that is happening right now is the time to vote, and it may have a greater impact than in November.”

Early voting is open now through June 7th and primary day is June 11th. Resources to find polling places and look up your sample ballot are available at, and you can sign on as a partner at This nonpartisan effort which is focused on no candidate and no issue is support by Hollingsworth Funds. 

Voting Matters Coalition Partners

  • BASF Metals, LLC
  • Compass of Carolina
  • Complete PR
  • Friends of the Reedy River
  • Furman University Child Development Center
  • GirlUp GVL
  • Greater Greenville Association of Realtors
  • Greater Good Greenville
  • Greenville Chamber of Commerce
  • Greenville Connects
  • Greenville Homeless Alliance
  • Greenville Jewish Federation
  • Greenville Tech Charter High School
  • Greer Middle College Charter High School
  • Healthcare
  • Homes of Hope, Inc
  • Institute for Child Success
  • Langston Charter Middle School
  • League of Women Voters of Greenville County
  • LiveWell Greenville
  • Meals on Wheels Greenville County
  • Mill Village Ministries
  • New Horizon Family Health Services
  • PMAC
  • Public Education Partners
  • Radiant Life Marketing
  • Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Southern First Bank
  • Table 301 Restaurant Group
  • United Community
  • Upstate Forever
  • Upstate Mediation Center
  • Upstate SC Alliance
  • Upstate Warrior Solution
  • YoPro Know

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