Discover Your Leadership Voice

Discover their leadership voices during a workshop with Jonathan R. Parker.

On November 1, members of the Greater Good Greenville community met to discover their leadership voices during a workshop with Jonathan R. Parker.  Jonathan opened our eyes to the key to connecting, learning and growing, which is how we give and receive communication. He walked us through the 5 Leadership Voices so we could discover our own primary leadership voice, understand the characteristics of each, realize the contributions each Voice offers to a team and community, and learn how to notice the Voice attributes of others and be able to collaborate effectively.  Here are our top 5 takeaways:

  1. Communication is 80% (80%!) non-verbal and 20% verbal.
  2. Everyone wants the opportunity to communicate and the respect of being heard.
  3. A conversation is the mutual sharing around ideas, stories and experiences around a specific topic that builds common ground.  During conversations, leaders need to listen for perspective before giving their perception.  Listen intentionally, presently and actively. 
  4. Conversation is a form of art.  And we need to work on honing our craft!
  5. Leaders need to be self-aware (Do you know yourself well enough to lead yourself?) and have emotional intelligence (Do you know what it’s like to be on the other side of you?)

Interested in more information about the 5 Leadership Voices?  Visit Jonathan R. Parker’s website to learn more.  


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