Elected Officials Reception

The first Greater Good Greenville elected officials reception brought out nearly 40 office-holders representing the Greenville County area and 80 board and staff members from Greenville nonprofits and philanthropies.  Every municipality within the county, Greenville County, Greenville County Schools Board of Trustees, and the state House of Representatives were represented by attendees of the event. 

The primary purpose of the event was to simply say thank you to elected officials.  As Katy Smith, Greater Good Greenville Executive Director, noted, serving as an elected official is a time consuming job. It’s one that council members, trustees, representatives, and senators take home with them, one that brings emails and phone calls outside of “working hours,” one that occupies the mind during drives through the community and visits with neighbors.  It’s a job you sign up for because you want to serve. And in many ways, it’s like jobs – whether paid or volunteer – in the nonprofit and philanthropic world.  This underscores the importance of elected officials and the nonprofit and philanthropic sector working together for the Greater Good of Greenville County’s residents. 

The mood was festive as attendees made new contacts, connected with old friends and colleagues, and celebrated the good work nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and government can do together.

Save the date for next year’s event on Monday, January 29, 2024.



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