Navigating Conflict and Communication with the Enneagram

Learning with Enneagram

On January 12, 2023,  Erin Oeth presented “Navigating Conflict and Communication with the Enneagram” to members of the Greater Good Greenville community.  Erin reminded us that the enneagram helps us uncover the layers of our personality, which in turn helps us understand how we interact with others. Below are our top 5 takeaways:

1. The enneagram is a tool that can help us grow by highlighting our motivations, showing pathways of growth, and showing us different lenses in which we see the world.  

2. By looking at the triads of the enneagram, we can better understand how we make decisions and what instincts drive us.  Is it our gut, our heart, or our head?

3. Another set of triads illuminate our interpersonal coping styles.  Do we assert healthy boundaries with others, seek out relationships with others, or take time for ourselves in solitude?

4. How do we cope when facing conflict:  Are we emotionally reactive and want others to respond in the same way?  Do we emotionally detach to follow logical solutions?  Or do we reframe negative viewpoints into optimistic perspectives?

5. A final set of triads demonstrates our relational styles or expectations in relationships.  Do we adapt ourselves to others in our lives, notice that reality seldom measures up to our ideals, or use our gifts to avoid rejection?


Knowing yourself leads to better communication and conflict resolution.  Take some time to know yourself better – the enneagram can help!



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