Safe reopening in Greenville County

During our weekly COVID-19 webinar for GPP and NPA members on June 3, 2020, we were able to cover two topics – how to “reopen” in a safe way and spending time to process George Floyd’s murder and our sector’s role in dismantling racism and pursing equity.  We thank Carlos Phillips with the Greenville Chamber for sharing information on the Greater Greenville Pledge with us as well as Tamela Spann with Hollingsworth Funds, Lizzie Bebber with United Ministries, and Jessica Sharp with the YMCA and Sharp Brain Consulting for their profound words.


Please spend time reflecting on the question posed by Jolley Christman of the Jolley Foundation:  What are the shifts you want to make in your work as a result of George Floyd (et al)’s murder and our nation’s response?  If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, please email me, and I’ll compile them into a blog post.


You can view the full recording of the meeting here.


Re-Opening Resources:


Visit the Greater Greenville Pledge website, which has a host of resources, including guides for reopening safely and a map of businesses/organizations who have taken the pledge.


Let’s make sure our philanthropic and nonprofit sector is represented!  Please sign on and take the pledge!!!


Crowd-sourced resources – Do you have a reopening plan in place?  Know of a resource that was especially helpful to you?  Please reply and share it with us!


The Greenville Chamber’s Responsible Return to the Office Plan is one great example.



Racial Equity Resources:


We will be sharing much more, including customized information for our community.  But if you are eager to start, check out:


United Way of Washtenaw’s Equity Resources, including its excellent 21 Day Equity Challenge and tool for teams, Building Your Equity Muscle.  We are working with this United Way to customize some of these resources for Greenville and South Carolina.


Resources to support work in diversity, equity, and inclusion, sourced from GPP and NPA members for our September 2019 meeting


We look forward to continuing to learn, grow, and make change happen.


Catherine Puckett, NPA

Katy Smith, GPP



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