The Strategic Advantage: Elevating Your Leadership Impact

The Strategic Advantage: Elevating Your Leadership Impact

On September 13, members of the Greater Good Greenville community participated in a workshop with Kim Fabian and Ian Mutton, Leadership Consultants with Elevatr. Kim and Ian showed us how strategic thinking makes it possible to amplify our missions and—at the same time—reduce overwhelm, navigate change, and reconnect to the meaning of our work. 

We learned that strategic thinkers require SPACE:

  • Stay curious: identify and reframe limiting beliefs internally and, externally, ask powerful questions.
  • Put purpose first:  begin with ‘why’ and refine strategic priorities
  • Act with intention:  prioritize effectively and ease decision-making
  • Connect the dots:  measure meaningful impact and communicate to influence
  • Embrace change: get comfortable with discomfort and identify the root cause

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