New guidance for Greenville County CARES funds

Back on June 30th, we hosted a webinar featuring Nicole Wood and Meredith Papapieris with Greenville County to discuss funds available to nonprofits and small business for COVID recovery.  Since the applications opened on July 2nd, only 41 nonprofit organizations have applied for a total of $252,432 (click here for the amounts awarded through August 24th).

Greenville County stands ready to receive your application for support.  Since the guidelines we first released, a few clarifications or modifications have been issued that may help you apply:

  • Brick and mortar location.  Originally, eligibility for only “brick and mortar locations” in Greenville County led those with home offices to not apply.  Any business or nonprofit whose address of record is in Greenville County is eligible to apply for expenses that help with continuity/reopening.  As an example, if your nonprofit is operated from your home office, but you needed to purchase a zoom license to help you meet with clients or community members, you are eligible to apply.
  • Rent/mortgage and utilities.  If your organization closed to the public or were unable to operate normally for a period of time, your mortgage or rent payment and/or utilities expenses are eligible for coverage (up to the $5,000 or $10,000 limit based on your number of employees, and excluding home offices).
  • Proof of payment is needed (and not just an invoice) to receive Greenville CARES funds.

If you have any questions at all, email – and Nicole and Meredith welcome you to email them directly.


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